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by Staff - 3 days ago

Kanye West to visit Uganda

By Nila Faisal American rapper Kanye West is coming to Uganda. The “No More Parties In LA” rapper has revealed in a video that was taken during his impromptu speech at one of the Apple Stores in Georgia that he will be coming to Uganda to finish his...

by Staff - 3 days ago

Swangz Avenue offices closed

It is business unusual at Muyenga based production house, Swangz Avenue. Our snoops have learned that their offices are closed off for business. Visitors to their Muyenga premises are welcomed with a notice saying that they’ll be back in 10 days. Ac...

by Staff - 4 days ago

How Much Money Pencilmation Makes On YouTube – Net Worth

Pencilmation Net Worth – $5 Million & Pencilmation is an animated web series in which pencil drawn stick figures and doodles come to life. It was created by Ross Bollinger, who has generated an estimated net worth of $5 million from it. Th...

by Staff - 4 days ago

Zambia’s Debt Crisis to hit 69% of GDP

Fitch Ratings cut Zambia deeper into junk Thursday, citing a widening budget gap and a faster-than-expected increase in debt levels. How can Zambia survive, especially as her debt to China increases by the day?

by Staff - 4 days ago

The imbalance in Africa's Foreign Aid and Loan Structure

Africa has received trillions of dollars in foreign aid for development in the continent, why then is there so much hunger and underdevelopment? There is indeed an imbalance in Africa's foreign aid and loan structure; but what is it?

by Staff - 5 days ago

The Most Powerful Passports in Africa, 2018

For some people, a passport is a portal to the world. For others, it is a barrier to the travel freedom they seek. Where do you lie on the spectrum of mobility and how powerful is your Passport in helping you achieve it?