“Nakuja Kukugusa Mat*t*” Khaligraph Jones Serenades Betty Kyallo As She Blushes

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A certain nasty video has been circulating on the internet of Khaligraph Jones singing to Betty Kyallo his dirtiest song called Stick and has led to some uproar from social media. The song is straight up very sexual and goes into immense detail of the x-rated things he would to the lady he is singing to. Just have a look at some of the lyrics in question: “Nakuja kukupiga miti, I know you are yearning for this, ju sa ishapita ka wiki. Usijali mambo itakuwa fiti. Nakuja kukupiga stick, nakuja kukupiga miti, iyo siku usidunge hata pantie juu nakuja na njaa ya fisi” Khaligraph had sh...