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Ace Boone Koone 'Past and Present'

“Past N Present,” featuring La’Ras., AceBooneKoone (ABK) echoes his frustration and passion for today’s issues in society and the current political environment.


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10 Countries With The Highest Radiologist Salaries

Radiology is a medical discipline that uses medical imaging to diagnose and treat diseases. They are responsible for reporting most imaging procedures used in diagnosing medical conditions and will perform many of the interventional procedures. The two types of radiologist are a diagnostic radiolog...

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Activism in the age of prisoner resistance: College students and activists are changing the prison reform paradigm

Santa Rita routinely releases people in the middle of the night to walk two miles down a dark road to the nearest BART station and hours-long waits for the train. So now IWOC greets everyone getting out with hot pizza, phone calls, rides, warm clothes, rain gear, celebration, a listening ear and a...

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