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1 day ago

NYC Sanitation Commissioner Talks About Trash

Commissioner Garcia   Athletes are famously known not only for their athleticism, but also for their trash talk. However, this past Tuesday at the most celebrated athletic club in the United States, the New York Athletic Club (NYAC), there was absolu...

1 day ago

Services for Atatiana Jefferson at the Potters House cancelled

Grieving sometimes brings families closer, sometimes it goes the opposite direction. When it goes south, it becomes fodder for discussion throughout a given community. Rarely does it play out nationally. Unfortunately, less than a week after her trag...

3 days ago

Armed man taken into custody at Trump rally in Dallas

The Dallas Police Department has issued a statement indicating that a man wearing body armor was observed at President Donald Trump’s rally this evening. Someone brought the man to the authorities attention and after observing and confirming that he...